9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W
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9004 HB1 9007 HB5 10000K 35W

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9004 HB1 9007 HB5 Bi-Xenon HID Head Light Bulbs High/Low 10000K

High quality quartz glass Bulbs, easy Installation
40% less power consumption than halogen Light bulbs
4 times light intensity than halogen Light Bulbs
Life-Expectancy: 10000-15000 hours. 5 Times Life Span than halogen Light Bulbs
Wattage: 35W/55W
Bulb Sizes Available: 9004 HB1 9007 HB5
Color Temperatures Available: 10000k


35W VS 55W
This xenon lamps with 35W power will bring you the unprecedented comfort and safe driving at night.
The 55W use more power to produce more light. The 55W HID kits cost generally more than the 35W HID kits.
This is a question of personal choice. If you need maximum light output, if you drive on very dark roads, you will want to install a 55W HID kits for more lighting power.

HID Temperature and Color:
The color of light is measured and expressed in degrees Kelvin (K).

The color spectrum ranges from a red to purple.

HID headlamps do not have this wide of a range though there are different bulbs that skew toward either extreme.

Most are more focused on the center of that range.
4,300K is the temperature that is closest to natural daylight.

Factory HID headlamps are setup for this color temperature.

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2x HID Bi-xenon Hi/Lo Dual Beam Bulbs 10000K 35W

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