H3 Headlight Bulbs Nokya Arctic White 7000K 80W (Stage 2)
Manufacturer : Nokya

H3 Headlight Bulbs Nokya Arctic White 7000K 80W (Stage 2)

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The new improved NOKYA bulbs have come back. A special halogen bulb for automotive replacement lighting.
Improves driver awareness and give your car an exotic appearance.
Years ago Nokya becames inspired by the new technology in HID headlights, and we set out to develop a series of halogen headlight bulbs,
which would share some of the characteristics of their high end counterparts. First introduced in 1995,
Nokya™ Pro-Halogens quickly grew to become an industry leader in aftermarket high performance headlight bulbs.
Nokya USA immensely popular Arctic White Pro Halogen series became the first choice for many seeking to upgrade their stock headlights to the look and feel of HID's.
Nokya soon added Arctic Purple to our line and also began offering a choice of High Wattage or Stock Wattage options on our bulbs.Package includes one pair of light bulbs.

Over the years Nokya have refined and improved it's manufacturing process,
in order to bring the consumer the kind of quality product that only years of experience can produce.
Simply put, Nokya's primary goal is to manufacture a superior product.

100% Brand New in Original Box.
Stock Output Halogen Headlight Upgrade.
Improves Drive Visibility & Awareness.

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