H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K
H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K
H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K
H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K
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H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K

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CODE: H4-1 9003 HB2 35W 8000K
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H4-1  9003 HB2 35W HID Xenon Car Headlight Light Bulb  8000K

Introducing our H4-3 9003 HB2 35W AC HI/LO Bi-Xenon HID Replacement Bulbs.
Our bulbs are rated as some one of the highest quality bulbs on the market.
Waterproof connectors and grommets to ensure a great fit and ultimate protection from the elements.

These are bulbs are designed for customers who already have a aftermarket HID Kit installed and just need replacement bulbs.
If you are upgrading for the first time please shop our complete line of HID Conversion Kits.
Here at MONTREAL HID our entire line of HID use industry leading technology in order to provide you with one of the best lighting experiences possible.
Our premium quality HID Bulbs are designed and constructed to stand the test of time.
All xenon bulbs slowly lose brightness over time so simply by replacing your bulbs youe refreshing your visibility and regaining brightness!

Package Included:
2pcs H4-1 9003 HB2 55W AC HI/LO Bi-Xenon Bulbs Headlight 8000K

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